Top 4 Lost Masterpieces in Literature

The world has always been filled with impeccable beauty and outstanding art. Humans are naturally born into a very beautiful world that is made ugly and bizarre through human malice and obnoxious destruction. Indeed, a generation always has more of its contemporary arts than those it ever had from history. Such is an utterly peculiar trait of the human race: that it takes only a span of fewer than 30 years to create more art than that which already exists after a long time that the human society has existed? But where do all the previously and creatively developed artwork and especially literary works go?


Most goes to malicious destruction while others just succumb to the tests of time, calamity and lack of thoughtful care. The following are the top 4 lost masterpieces in literature.


  1. Love’s Labour’s Won


William Shakespeare definitely is one of the world’s greatest literary minds He wrote and produced so many literary works that the world will forever learn and benchmark literary skills and techniques from him. Sadly, only a fraction of his works is available from where the world learns. Most of his works are lost to history due to careless hoarding, malicious destruction and lack of proper recording.


His most intriguing works, sadly, like the literary piece titled ‘Love’s Labour’s Won’ got lost to the tides of time. The phenomenal and legendary artistic mind worked for political figureheads like King James 1 and was thus constantly targeted by jealous competitors and envious political dissidents.This particular play was a collaborative effort between John Fletcher and William. It is also said that the literary masterpiece was based on some other literary art by historically poetic and creative author called Miguel de Cervantes. The original manuscripts were lost to time, and have never been recovered yet although the contents remain subject to human corruption and narration from the plays that it inspired.


  1. The Sandition Ending


English novelist Jane Austen left the world in a delirium of curiosity and anticipation. First of all, she achieved literary perfection that brought her fame from the unknown to an opulent level of fame. She was, however, not optimally celebrated. Her most popular work was never highlighted as it should have been. It just ended as soon as it began, however, and worst of all, it got lost to history. It never got the ending that it really deserved.


  1. The Unpublished Works from the Author of the Wizard of Oz


This author was absolutely exceptional, but he made the egregious error of publishing adult-themed books. Lyman Frank Baum tried to publish various books but they vanished without a trace. Most of the books were more interesting than the current versions of the legendary wizard of Oz tale, and his wife is widely accused of burning all of his other more interesting and engaging pieces.


  1. The Lost Works of Robert Louis Stevenson


This guy was very convincing, but his most convincing works are well hidden by the fear that his seductive writing skills had to offer. In fact, his wife accused him of lacking enough moral allusion and authority to write the morally driving excerpts that he did.